I’m done!!

Hidey ho neighbors! So I finally completed the Advocare 10 day challenge and I feel like a new woman! It helped with my energy and my cravings. Before I felt like I was hungry all the time and had cravings out of control but this helped me get my body back to the basics and only eat what I need. Cravings come from slack of nutrients but with the cleanse your body is only eating natural unprocessed food and getting all the vitamins you need. So..drumroll please..here’s the before and after.

I honestly didn’t know if I could see a difference I just felt a difference but it’s crazy what can happen In only ten days! Down three pounds and a lot less bloated. Now, I will be honest this cleanse was poorly timed because it’s finals week and also (TMI here) it was the wrong time of the month for this. However, I still got awesome results and can’t wait to see what happens the next time I do it!! Obviously this stuff is not a scam and legit works. If you need to loose weight or just reset your body to begin a healthier way of living please check out my website!

I would love to help you! And also, hope you all had a good Easter!