Injuries and downfalls

Sooo I know I said I was going to stay updated on here and stay accountable…but their has been a slight mishap! I went on a cruise to Belize, Honduras, and Cozumel and had a blast! The negative is I also happened to fall and bust my tail bone HARD!! Unfortunately this means I have not been able to work out AT ALL! It really has been rough but I know I need to take it easy on my body. I have been trying to eat extra clean and less calories knowing that I’m now not burning those calories off but a few binges cheats have happened and I’m ok with it. I am human after all. I just know that I need to practice better self control and when I can work out again I will be ready to go! And I can’t wait because I feel like a total bum just sitting here. Never thought I would like working out so much I’d miss it!

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Lots of news and All Hallows’ Eve Celebration!

Ok so I feel like I’ve fallen off the face of the planet. I will try and keep this post as short and sweet as possible but I have a lot to discuss! First off, I found out I got accepted into Graduate School! I will be starting off my Masters degree in History this spring. I am so excited and I can not wait! Also, I have been working training at my new job and I start working all on my own next week. All of this is kind of nerve wracking but I am ready for change and challenges! Of course, all this has taken up a lot of time as well and as I have still struggled to eat healthy and work out as much as possible it has kind of fallen at my waist side in terms of importance and I can tell I have gained weight and I don’t feel quite up to par. I, however, am not going to give up!

This quote says it all. Sometimes you may have struggles and you may take a few steps back but you can either choose to give up or continue to strive for progress. I for one can not and will not let myself fall back into being lazy and unhealthy so I will keep trying as much as I can! I am limited to what I can do as far as cardio because I pushed myself to much to soon but I know I can strength train and build up my metabolism and eat healthy as much as I can. I need to get cravings in check and I will keep trying and I hope this inspires some of you out there!
I will end with a little Halloween picture from this past weekend!

20131029-193212.jpg Minnie Mouse and Bob Ross
I hope all of you have a safe and fun Halloween!

Go your own way

Hey guys! Hope everyone had a great Labor Day weekend. I myself had a blast hanging out at my hopefully soon to be future home! The weather down here has been nothing short of rainy and gloomy all summer but this weekend Mother Nature got it together.


I think I will get used to that view just fine. : )
I am getting nervous because my test is coming up soon for graduate school and I hope i do well! Prayers and good vibes sent my way are much appreciated.

On the side of fitness I am still a little bummed out. I have been busy but I’m still trying to get in as much as I can without over doing it. When I first started this blog I was kind of stressing out if I didn’t work out enough or “eat clean” and I would feel guilty if I verged from the healthy path but lately I’ve been reading and seeing great results from following my macronutrients and making sure I hit them every day. I don’t want to explain it all myself so you can find the information here at IIFYM and there are some great informative videos on you tube by Layne Norton or just type in macronutrients. It allows me to really eat more of “bad” foods as long as I get my healthy proteins and fats in for the day. Also, as far as working out switching up my diet has actually helped me get stronger in the gym! I feel like I have more energy and am lifting heavier. I am also just trying to workout just to stay healthy and not to hit a certain number on the scale. Just work out for me. Now this blog is getting a little long so I won’t continue to bore you!


Sometimes times are tough

So I haven’t been posting on here as much as I should because times have been a little tough. I have been going through some things and my life has been a little hectic. I have still been working out about 5 times a week but only once a day and not as hard as I could be. I hope this will change too because I can tell a difference in my appearance and my mood. So bare with me you guys! I have mainly been busy because I’m studying to take the GRE and figuring things about because I plan to move soon! Which I’m so excited about but both of these things are stressful and I’m moving to a place where I don’t know to many people but I think change is good and it can bring about great things so wish me luck!

I know this isn’t really a fitness related post but I figured I had to put it out there!


Inspiration and switching things up

Hey guys! Just thought I would drop on by and share some motivation for you.


Speaking of running it’s been an average of 100 degrees here soooo running has been a little difficult lately. For my afternoon cardio I’m trying to switch things up a bit. Just got Jillian Michaels 30 day shred today to try out! I know she is a kick ass trainer so hopefully she kicks my ass! We shall see!

The place where dreams come true

Now, you may all be wondering what is up with the weird title and I am so excited to tell you! But you’ll have to hold on just a minute for that answer.

So, if you have read my last post you know that Easter I totally let myself go. Easter treats were just too tempting and it was ultimately my downfall. It set me back from all the hard work and progress I had made so far. Nevertheless, as sucky as it may be I am not giving up!

I have no realized that to make progress sweets are just going to have to no longer be a part of my life. Every time I have just a little it brings back my sweet tooth and I indulge big time. So from now on my cheat meals will have to stay far far away from anything sweet and sugary. I think I can do it…I know I can do it1! I feel a little bummed out that I kind of ruined my progress but reading some inspirational quotes has put it into perspective for me, so I hope these may help you too.

Pinned Image

Pinned Image

No one is perfect, everyone fails and all you can do is keep going! I will not let myself slip back into a unhealthy lifestyle and I will keep going at it!

Now, back to that title….GUESS WHAT!?

This girl right here has made plans to go to Disney!! I have been wanting to go since it  has been since high school since I went. Which is just way too long ago ( where has the time gone?) I had been reading a blog where the author had just finished the Goofy Marathon and I was intrigued as to what other events they had coming up. As I scanned the events they had lined up through the year one caught my eye right away.

The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror 10-Miler!!

For those who don’t know, my favorite holiday of all time, ALL TIME, is Halloween. So when I saw Disney, Halloween, and running all mixed together I was sold. So my and my fellow running buddies will be heading down to Orlando this October to get our run on and I could not be more excited. However, I have never ran that long of a distance so the thought is kind of scary but the fact I have set a goal to have myself ready for it is motivation for me to get my run on and up my training. EEEEEKKK I’m still so excited. Can not wait!

Also, I have MORE news. I found out I will be going to visit my brother in New York for my birthday in May! I will only be there for a few days so I will have to squeeze in as many activities as I can in that short amount of time. If any of you have any suggestions that would be greatly appreciated!