Good luck and spring..cleansing?

Hello ladies and gents!

I must say I’m pretty excited because I have been having some pretty good luck lately with school,work and the like. My first semester of hell graduate school is almost over! Just in time for summer! And I found out I will be getting a promotion soon at work! Also, as I mentioned before I am now an Advocare distributor! This makes me super excited. I went to my first advocare meet up last week and the success stories people shared blew my mind! This product really has helped people who never thought they could be active or healthy and I’m super excited to represent this company.
As I also shared before I will be doing the herbal cleanse and sharing my results.
Got it in today and starting tomorrow!

I can’t wait to share with you guys. I know I’ll see a huge difference. Let me show you my results so far from the products.

That is hard to look at but I must show you so you know this works. Now listen here, from top left clockwise, that is day one,three, and nine of this product! Only 9 DAYS!! Insane results. Can’t wait to help others get the same results.
Moving on, as far as other good luck goes yesterday I stopped in to GNC only to get some of my trusty quest bars and came out will all kinds of free goodies!

Made my day! And for some further randomness I just want to say I love Marshall’s. They always have healthy snacks and treats. Today’s finds..

20140409-134332.jpgall natural ingredient ketchup and barbecue sauce. Yummmm. No high fructose corn syrup here! Well that’s it folks posts to come soon with my herbal cleanse updates.


Off the bandwagon

So I has now been a little over two months since I have posted on here…and I must say that is awful!!!

It is bad that I haven’t made this more of a priority and since I haven’t written in a while I have not had a reason to hold myself accountable and have therefor fell off the healthy bandwagon. Now of course, any one can make excuses. Like “it was the holidays” or “I haven’t had enough time or money”. However, none of those are acceptable excuses because if you want it you work for it! I have definitely packed on a few holiday pounds and I can see and feel the difference. Not to say you should be miserable and sit and eat salads all the time during the holidays..everyone should enjoy treats in small portions. I have just kind of done what has been convenient for me or done half ass work outs or didn’t at all when I know I could have. It is a new year though and though you should start a healthy track at any time of the year now is a good time for me to get myself together and get back in line! Hopefully posting regularly on here will help me do that.

Now for a few inspiring pics :