Questions and Tips

What kind of supplements do I use?

Right now I am new to the supplement game and am only using a few to start things off.

1) One Daily Women’s Pro-Active

2) Green Tea Extract

3) BCAA 1000 Caps

What type of protein should I be using?

This really depends on your goals, preference, and body allergies.

I personally use Isopure. It is a whey protein isolate meaning it starts to heal your muscles within hours of ingesting and is best to take in the morning or pre-workout. It can be bought here.

It is great for me because it also happens to be gluten,lactose free, and no carb(except for the chocolate flavor which is low carb) and packs a giant punch of protein!

To stack on top of that it is also best to purchase a casein protein. Casein is a slow releasing protein and is best to take post work out and before bed. It will heal those muscles and burn calories while you are sleeping! Burn calories while you do nothing you say? Yes, this is real life people.

For those of you out there like me who want to try different types of protein but are lactose intolerant there are lots of options for you. Such as the good ol’ beef and egg proteins.

Also, you Vegan’s out there do not fret there are plenty of protein options for you as well.

The options include soy protein and plant proteins. Not only are these great for vegans but they are great additions for cooking with. Many can come unflavored so it can be great to mix with many foods to add an extra protein oomph to any meal. So try it out people!


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