Injuries and downfalls

Sooo I know I said I was going to stay updated on here and stay accountable…but their has been a slight mishap! I went on a cruise to Belize, Honduras, and Cozumel and had a blast! The negative is I also happened to fall and bust my tail bone HARD!! Unfortunately this means I have not been able to work out AT ALL! It really has been rough but I know I need to take it easy on my body. I have been trying to eat extra clean and less calories knowing that I’m now not burning those calories off but a few binges cheats have happened and I’m ok with it. I am human after all. I just know that I need to practice better self control and when I can work out again I will be ready to go! And I can’t wait because I feel like a total bum just sitting here. Never thought I would like working out so much I’d miss it!

Also, if you want to see my pics from the cruise follow me on Instagram! @sdr526

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