Lots of news and All Hallows’ Eve Celebration!

Ok so I feel like I’ve fallen off the face of the planet. I will try and keep this post as short and sweet as possible but I have a lot to discuss! First off, I found out I got accepted into Graduate School! I will be starting off my Masters degree in History this spring. I am so excited and I can not wait! Also, I have been working training at my new job and I start working all on my own next week. All of this is kind of nerve wracking but I am ready for change and challenges! Of course, all this has taken up a lot of time as well and as I have still struggled to eat healthy and work out as much as possible it has kind of fallen at my waist side in terms of importance and I can tell I have gained weight and I don’t feel quite up to par. I, however, am not going to give up!

This quote says it all. Sometimes you may have struggles and you may take a few steps back but you can either choose to give up or continue to strive for progress. I for one can not and will not let myself fall back into being lazy and unhealthy so I will keep trying as much as I can! I am limited to what I can do as far as cardio because I pushed myself to much to soon but I know I can strength train and build up my metabolism and eat healthy as much as I can. I need to get cravings in check and I will keep trying and I hope this inspires some of you out there!
I will end with a little Halloween picture from this past weekend!

20131029-193212.jpg Minnie Mouse and Bob Ross
I hope all of you have a safe and fun Halloween!


Working out, moving, and shinanigans

Well hey strangers,
So I forgot what this whole blog wiring thing is like because I have been crazy busy! So since last time I wrote I finally took the GRE, moved to a whole new state and am working out at a new(ish) gym.

So Wow there’s a lot to even cover. I now live in the sunshine state and it has been amazing so far! Still in the unpacking/organizing stage but there’s so much to do here it is not my main priority right now! Also, this is my first week at my new job training so I have a ton going on.

No worries I still am making time to work out though! Conveniently enough my gym back home is a chain and there is one 5 minutes away from my new home. It is very different than my old gym. I used to work out in the women’s weight room at my old gym and my new gym doesn’t have one but I think working out in the open will help me and force me to use more equipment and venture out.

I think this whole experience is positive and you can’t grow unless you change!
Speaking of growing I am excited I have been eating more and I have been making gains in my weight lifting! Check it:


The past two weeks I have been able to lift more and I decided to take pics to document it. It’s exciting! I like seeing that I am making progress and hope I will start seeing benefits from it.
Anyways, I just have time for a quick update but I hope that I can get back to writing! Hope you didn’t miss me too much ; )