What I ate…Friday?

So I decided that I would give the what I ate Wednesday fad a try since lots of bloggers do it. Although, I decided it today and since its Friday I figured I would start today and I do what I want.

I started off my morning with this..

Post-work out breakfast of Better Oats strawberry and cream flavor with my banana isopure protein added in. Yummy. Also, a fiber one brownie. I try and get in lots of fiber and both of these are pretty high in sugar hence me eating it as my post work out meal to replenish my glycogen.

For my snacks I ate 1 oz of slightly salted planters nuts (no picture) I think you know what they look like. And I tried something new today

I tried a new plain yogurt with a teaspoon of peanut butter and cinnamon mixed in ( not the healthiest of pb’s but I worked with what I had a work) oh and my addiction of zero carb/sugar monster because it is like heaven on earth. But back to the yogurt. I usually go with plain yogurt because its healthier and less sugar but geezzzz this stuff was strong and sort of tasted like bad cheese. I think it’s because it is organic and grass fed? Who knows maybe that’s your thing then this is perfect for you!

Also not pictured, because I’m a bad blogger and forget, was tuna and a side of cauliflower, broccoli and carrots and for dinner a salad and gumbo.

All in all I’d say I ate pretty healthy especially when I have this to deal with.

Yup, this kind of crap food is always at my work. One of the benefits of working for a restaurant supply store. Lots of free food, none of which are ever healthy. It helps a girls will power for sure!

Anyways, sorry this was such a bad what I ate Wednesday Friday but I will probably get better…maybe.


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