Look at all my swag

So in case you can’t tell I have some goodies to show off today! I stopped by my local Vitamin Shoppe to use a coupon I had because I was out of protein. GASP I can’t live without my protein drank and I found some more goodies while I was there, of course.

I picked up:
Isopure Zero Carb banana flavor- this is amazeballs. It has zero carbs, packs a protein punch of 25 grams per scoop and no aspartame. thumbs up!
Quest bar white chocolate raspberry– this is Quest’s new flavor and oh em gee it’s so good! May be a new favorite
Quest bar chocolate brownie– this is my favorite flavor and it tastes fabulous when heated!
If you don’t know about quest it is packed with protein, fiber, low sugar and it’s not full of processes junk like most protein bars!
Ostrich jerky – I haven’t had this yet but I have been trying new forms of protein lately and this little piece packs 15 grams! Sounds good to me.

As far as my personal life goes I went to New Orleans for my first time everrrrr this weekend! So much fun. So I will leave you pictures of some of my escapades.

Red Dress Run

This is a grilled gator sandwich I ate open face. Gator has so much protein and is delicious!



I had a blast and can’t wait to go back!


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