Treadmill terror

Hey you guys! I need some assistance any and all help would be appreciated. In case you noticed the title you may be wondering what’s up well you see I live in Alabama and during the summer the weather has two choices a) sweltering heat or b) monsoon and it makes running outside impossible so I have been going to the gym extra early to try and get my runs in on the dreaded treadmill. I really despise the treadmill because your staring at the same thing…going at the same exact pace…it’s just not for me, to say the least. Nevertheless, I have been forcing myself to embrace it but it is not loving me back. My left shin has been starting to hurt instantly when I start running on it! I have read that adding an incline may help but so far it is still feeling the same and I can’t run! I don’t know what to do with myself. If someone has any tips that would be fannnnntastic.

As far as my workout today I did my cardio on the elliptical since it’s easy on my knees and shin. I did that for 45 minutes and finished with shoulder and ab work.

Not too shabby! But I do miss my running. : (


3 thoughts on “Treadmill terror

  1. you might have strained it if youve been running alot without an incline, i find it hard to run after straining my knee so i feel your pain! invest in some good running shoes – even get them fitted personally if you can – and stick with the eliptical for now. If your gym has a leg extension/leg curl machine try 15 reps x 2 before going for your cardio session. It will help strengthen the muscles in your legs to avoid further injury. if this hurts though id speak to a doc in case its somthing serious? injuries are a bummer! good luck! xxx

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