I’m still kickin it

Oh heyyyy you guys! So just in case you were wondering I’m still alive and kicking it. Sorry I have been so sketchy! I need to make this blog more of a priority because I made it to keep myself accountable and I’m not even using it! Not that I’ve been falling off the bandwagon but just maybe I may be slacking compared to how I should be!

So let me try and update you a little! Last I spoke I was trying out the Jillian Michael’s DVD Shed and Shred. Although, the last DVD I didn’t give the most positive reviews I must say this one did indeed kick my butt! I did start off with the advanced level and it did require weights also but even without it I was still sweating my lil heart out!

Not the highest calorie burn but I’m sure if done with weights it would be much higher and good thing about the DVD is that if the routine gets easy you can always up your weights. I may even wind up purchasing this for an at home work out!

As far as my personal life goes I’ve been quite busy with work and life in general.


My best friend Teran asked me to be her maid of honor! I am so excited for them and this is my first wedding to be in so it will be fun! I know this means life will not be slowing down anytime soon but I will make sure to continue to fit in my workouts and make it happen an stay healthy. I am determined!

I can’t and won’t cancel!


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