Try and try again

So I last posted about trying out Jillian Michaels Ripped in 30. All I can say is..bad. Let this picture explain.

Yeah..what an impressive calorie burn.Not. I was expecting a bit more from the “toughest trainer”. The DVD would probably be excellent for a beginner but it was mostly just basic work outs. Also, your expected to already have dumb bells so if you don’t your already limited to about half the work out.

Even though that DVD was a disappointment I’m still out looking for something that I will like. These hot summer days are killing my outside work outs and the gym after work is no bueno because that’s when about half the town decides to go.

This is my new motivational quote I found. I have it posted as my phone background as inspiration to push through those tough work outs! Speaking of tough today was the dreaded leg dayyyy.

Here’s a pic of me fake smiling because I just completed leg day and 40 minutes of HIIT. (Hence the sweat) Looking cute I know. Got some new DVDs to try out for this afternoon so hopefully better luck this time!


2 thoughts on “Try and try again

  1. That’s a bummer that the work out wasn’t tougher. I saw Jillian Michaels live a few months ago and she was great though. Also – I have the same heart rate monitor watch!! Isn’t it the best?!

    • Yeah I watch her all the time and she’s tough so I figured it would be way better! I got another one of hers so I’m hoping this time she won’t disappoint. I love my monitor it helps me push myself to burn more and get a good workout in!

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