Is it just me?

It’s finally Thursday! Most would get excited because it’s Friday but no I’m just happy I made it to today. Is it just me or has this week been the longest week of ever? I am so ready for the weekend I can hardly bare it. Sleeping in and laying out in the sun is my prime game plan. Oh and getting my run on! Got this months Stridebox in yesterday and I am so ready to put some things to use. I have already used the Electro Delytes and I must say those little buggers really helped me! I have been slacking on the intensity of my running because of this intense Alabama humidity but I was able to run 4 miles while throwing in sprints like it was no big deal. So A + in my book. I am also super excited about an item that every blogger has been raving about.

Lock laces!
So stoked to use these I am clumsy and tend to trip on the regular so this will prob keep me alive from falling. I love when I am in a rut or may not be in the mood to run but then I get my Stridebox and I can’t wait to run and use my items! It’s really good inspiration.

Speaking of inspiration I have more motivational quotes for you that I have been getting from my Mile Post app.


Maybe it’s just me but I can’t say no to a challenge and this just reminds me that it’s really a daily challenge if I’m going to be lazy or make my day worth it!

Also, as far as my strength training goes I have found my new favorite item.

I got this item as a sample from (which is my favorite website for purchases, tips, and exercises) and I loved it! I felt like I could work out for days and lifted heavier and It actually made me super alert all day I didn’t even need coffee which is a usual big must for this girl. So if your looking for a little extra something to improve your workouts I’d go with this one. Now today’s a rest day for me so I am off to enjoy the rest of it. Just remember guys it’s almost Fridayyyyyyy!


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