Trying new things

Happy Monday you guys! I feel like that’s an oxymoron but today wasn’t too bad! Just rainy weather here putting a damper on my outside run but that’s okay because my legs are dead from this mornings work out. Which included calf press in every angle, leg press, des lift, and a few leg machines.

I have been kind of slacking in my work outs I feel like I have been way more tired than usual! So I am switching up my diet an hoping that changes. Since I haven’t been seeing much results as far as leaning out I am trying to replace my carbs with more fat and see if that will break through this plateau! Will keep you updated with the results.

As far as my diet goes I have gotten a little bored with my usual omelette so I’ve been making some protein pancakes.

Though they may be slightly crispy they were on point! Banana whey mixed with cinnamon make a super combo. Another thing I must show you that I have been having a lot lately.

I may or may not be addicted. Monster is delicious, it keeps me going, and it has some pretty good vitamins in it! Extra dessert is just like heaven if you haven’t tried it you must and it keeps t cravings for sweets at bay. They may not be that healthy but my vices could be way worse.

Speaking of food I found this little chart that comes in handy when your in a hurry making food or out in a restaurant and need to size up your portions.


Hope it helps!


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