So I like to keep you guys on the edge of your seat which is why I took so long to post about my last days in New York. I know you’ve been waiting for it ; )

So Sunday was my last full day there and most importantly my birthday! The big 24 guys, when your one year closer to your insurance going down and being able to rent your car but nothing. Whooooo super cool.

So since I didn’t make it to the gym Saturday I started my day off at my brothers awesome gym Asphalt Green

Look at that view! I’m pretty sure that would motivate me to get my butt in the gym everyday. I loved this gym! It had a huge soccer field and play ground out front and the equipment was great. All the machines had rep counters for you and told you if you were hitting max capacity or if you were half-assing it. And no one wants that!

After that I had to celebrate my birthday with some yummy New York brunch and mimosas, obviously.

We ate at Pitch & Fork and I had the vegetable omelette, sorry no pics because it was after I had worked out and I was a ravenous beast who needed to be fed. After that we walked on over to Chinatown to do some shopping and I had to try some crazy food because what else are you supposed to do!? I tried some BBQ squid (actually delicious who woulda thought) some Duck jerky slider and a Lychee. I had never seen one and it looked like a weird sea creature but it was actually good! Like a grape.

There was a picture of me eating it but no one wants to see that. Moving on, since we were there we walked on over to SoHo did some shopping and then wandered back and got ready for a trip to the Comedy club Comic Strip Live. I had never been to a comedy club before but actually all the guys were hilarious! There were even a few guys I have seen a few times on Comedy Central but I forgot their names!

My last night in town was a blast I didn’t want to leave but sadly I had too. Now I’m back in the real world. Womp wooooomp. I’m not gonna lie I did miss being able to eat healthy! I don’t know how people in New York don’t weigh a million pounds with a bakery every few steps. Well now that I got that out of the way back to my every day life and more fitness recaps and recipes to come!


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