New York continued

Ok finally getting around to talking about the rest of my trip! Hope everyone’s weekend is going well! I will just go ahead and dive in to my second day there. We were going to work out but I hadn’t had a rest day and we woke up late so we just decided to head on down to Times Square to get in the TKTS line to get some tickets for a broadway show! We ended up getting some for Cinderella!


Saw this bad boy while standing in line. Yes, that is a giant Lego X-Wing and it was awesome. After that I wanted to try some new restaurants and we settled on V-Note a vegan restaurant by my brothers place. It was a treat because there are literally no vegan restaurants in Alabama. I ended up getting the Feijoadinha a Brazilian stew that contained smokey tempeh, chayote, sweet potato, chick peas, lotus root and black beans, served with rice.

So good you guys! After that we headed on back to the apartment got ready and then headed out to the show! We had heard this show had gotten great reviews and was already up for a few Tony’s! It didn’t disappoint so if you live around there or are visiting I’d suggest it. We weren’t allowed to take pics so nothing to post sorry guys but it was so sweet at the end of the show the actors came out and said that two lucky guests were going to win a prize and called two tickets out to come on stage. The actors started to ask the guests the questions and it ended up the guy on stage had it all planned out and proposed to his girl friend on stage! It was the sweetest thing ever.

Here’s me and my sister in law after! I will post more later. I’m still missing New York so much! May need to make my way back soon..hope y’all enjoy the rest of your Sunday!


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