My weekend this far

So far my weekend has consisted of catching up on my sleep, an abs and shoulder workout, and a Game of Thrones marathon. Not even ashamed. Oh yeah and this bad boy.

Check it. A huge personal pan pizza all for under 350 calories. Yeah you read that right.

1/2 cup oat flour (ground oats)
1/3 cup egg whites
1 egg
1/2 tsp baking soda
Seasoning for taste

For sauce and toppings:
2 1/2 tbsp Huntz tomato paste
1/4 cup Huntz tomato sauce
1 medium tomato diced,squished,sautéed
1/4 cup Seasoning blend of onions, celery, red pepper sautéed
1 serving (17 pieces) of Turkey Pepperoni
*add cheese if you want but I can’t because of that whole lactose intolerant deal

Heat in oven for about 10 minutes on 350 degrees

Talk about yummy. This hit the spot for my pizza craving. It’s low carb, grease free, and just better tasting than the gross kind you would get in a restaurant! Try it out and tell me what ya think!

Now back to my marathon! ; )


A little something

Hey guys it’s finally Friday again! Oh, and the first official day of Summer. Say what!? You know that means you need to start getting bikini ready, if you aren’t already, because its been bikini weather here for a good two months now. This girl isn’t complaining though Summer is my all time favorite season 1) because I am named after it (don’t judge me and my big ego) 2) it’s beach weather and this girl loves the sun and the sand (hopefully you figured that out or I may worry about you) and 3) it means yummy fruits to eat in abundance and I have been craving watermelon lately!

Since I don’t talk about my life in specifics too often on here I figured I would answer a little questionnaire  I found on this other blog I read so you can learn a few things that you are surely dying to know.

A. Attached or Single? Newly attached : )

B. Best Friend? I have several best friends, but my friend Catherine is whom I annoy hang out with frequently.

C. Cake or pie? Is this even a legit question? Cake for the win.

D. Day of choice? Saturday. It’s a full day to do whatever you want and not worry about work one bit.

E. Essential Item? My iPhone.  I use it for my work outs, music, and of course to talk to my frands.

F. Favorite color? Blue…the color occupies like half of my closet

G. Gummy bears or worms?  Sour gummy worms. Sour candy is my weakness

H. Home town? Born and raised in Mobile, Al. Southern Belles are just better ; )

I. Favorite Indulgence? Chocolate, chocolate, and I not sure If i mentioned it but chocolate

J. January or July? July. As mentioned I am a fan of Summer.

K. Kids? That’s a big fat negative and wont be happening for quite some time. I can barely take care of myself.

L. Life isn’t complete without? Friends and family. And food…thats probably pretty important for living.

R. Reasons to smile? There’s always a reason! I have a job, place to live, and people who love me.

S. Season of choice? Summer.  I feel like we’ve already been over this.

T. Tag 5 People. I will list my top blogs. Julie from Peanut Butter Fingers. Paula from Fries to Fit. Taralynn from Undressed Skeleton. Cori from Olive to Run. Katie from Chocolate Covered Katie.

U. Unknown fact about me? I have never broken a bone. *Knock on wood*

V. Vegetable? Peppers. I love spicy foods.

W. Worst habit? I tend to talk really fast. Whoops.

X. Xray or Ultrasound? Neither. Who enjoys the doctor?

Y. Your favorite food?Pretty sure this was asked already?

Z. Zodiac sign? Gemini. Twinsies.


Well there you go a tidbit of info about yours truely.Now I suppose I can throw some work out business in here for you.

Today’s work out split went like this.

10 minute HIT Elliptical Warm Up

3 x 10 Preacher Curls

3 x 10 Tricep Over head extensions seated

3 x 10 Hammer curls

3 x 10 Tricep Kickbacks

3 x 10 21’s (Barbell curls)

3 x 10 Lying Tricep Extension

4 x 8 Cable Tricep Pull Down

4 x 8 Cable Bicep Curls

3 x 8 Machine Bicep Curls

3 x 8 Machine Tricep Extension

Good work out and I feel the burn! Whoo hoo! Also, a run will be had later and I am thinking a few sprints. Did a few sprint sessions last night and it was no joke! May make it a regular part of my work out.




Is it just me?

It’s finally Thursday! Most would get excited because it’s Friday but no I’m just happy I made it to today. Is it just me or has this week been the longest week of ever? I am so ready for the weekend I can hardly bare it. Sleeping in and laying out in the sun is my prime game plan. Oh and getting my run on! Got this months Stridebox in yesterday and I am so ready to put some things to use. I have already used the Electro Delytes and I must say those little buggers really helped me! I have been slacking on the intensity of my running because of this intense Alabama humidity but I was able to run 4 miles while throwing in sprints like it was no big deal. So A + in my book. I am also super excited about an item that every blogger has been raving about.

Lock laces!
So stoked to use these I am clumsy and tend to trip on the regular so this will prob keep me alive from falling. I love when I am in a rut or may not be in the mood to run but then I get my Stridebox and I can’t wait to run and use my items! It’s really good inspiration.

Speaking of inspiration I have more motivational quotes for you that I have been getting from my Mile Post app.


Maybe it’s just me but I can’t say no to a challenge and this just reminds me that it’s really a daily challenge if I’m going to be lazy or make my day worth it!

Also, as far as my strength training goes I have found my new favorite item.

I got this item as a sample from (which is my favorite website for purchases, tips, and exercises) and I loved it! I felt like I could work out for days and lifted heavier and It actually made me super alert all day I didn’t even need coffee which is a usual big must for this girl. So if your looking for a little extra something to improve your workouts I’d go with this one. Now today’s a rest day for me so I am off to enjoy the rest of it. Just remember guys it’s almost Fridayyyyyyy!

Trying new things

Happy Monday you guys! I feel like that’s an oxymoron but today wasn’t too bad! Just rainy weather here putting a damper on my outside run but that’s okay because my legs are dead from this mornings work out. Which included calf press in every angle, leg press, des lift, and a few leg machines.

I have been kind of slacking in my work outs I feel like I have been way more tired than usual! So I am switching up my diet an hoping that changes. Since I haven’t been seeing much results as far as leaning out I am trying to replace my carbs with more fat and see if that will break through this plateau! Will keep you updated with the results.

As far as my diet goes I have gotten a little bored with my usual omelette so I’ve been making some protein pancakes.

Though they may be slightly crispy they were on point! Banana whey mixed with cinnamon make a super combo. Another thing I must show you that I have been having a lot lately.

I may or may not be addicted. Monster is delicious, it keeps me going, and it has some pretty good vitamins in it! Extra dessert is just like heaven if you haven’t tried it you must and it keeps t cravings for sweets at bay. They may not be that healthy but my vices could be way worse.

Speaking of food I found this little chart that comes in handy when your in a hurry making food or out in a restaurant and need to size up your portions.


Hope it helps!


So I like to keep you guys on the edge of your seat which is why I took so long to post about my last days in New York. I know you’ve been waiting for it ; )

So Sunday was my last full day there and most importantly my birthday! The big 24 guys, when your one year closer to your insurance going down and being able to rent your car but nothing. Whooooo super cool.

So since I didn’t make it to the gym Saturday I started my day off at my brothers awesome gym Asphalt Green

Look at that view! I’m pretty sure that would motivate me to get my butt in the gym everyday. I loved this gym! It had a huge soccer field and play ground out front and the equipment was great. All the machines had rep counters for you and told you if you were hitting max capacity or if you were half-assing it. And no one wants that!

After that I had to celebrate my birthday with some yummy New York brunch and mimosas, obviously.

We ate at Pitch & Fork and I had the vegetable omelette, sorry no pics because it was after I had worked out and I was a ravenous beast who needed to be fed. After that we walked on over to Chinatown to do some shopping and I had to try some crazy food because what else are you supposed to do!? I tried some BBQ squid (actually delicious who woulda thought) some Duck jerky slider and a Lychee. I had never seen one and it looked like a weird sea creature but it was actually good! Like a grape.

There was a picture of me eating it but no one wants to see that. Moving on, since we were there we walked on over to SoHo did some shopping and then wandered back and got ready for a trip to the Comedy club Comic Strip Live. I had never been to a comedy club before but actually all the guys were hilarious! There were even a few guys I have seen a few times on Comedy Central but I forgot their names!

My last night in town was a blast I didn’t want to leave but sadly I had too. Now I’m back in the real world. Womp wooooomp. I’m not gonna lie I did miss being able to eat healthy! I don’t know how people in New York don’t weigh a million pounds with a bakery every few steps. Well now that I got that out of the way back to my every day life and more fitness recaps and recipes to come!

New York continued

Ok finally getting around to talking about the rest of my trip! Hope everyone’s weekend is going well! I will just go ahead and dive in to my second day there. We were going to work out but I hadn’t had a rest day and we woke up late so we just decided to head on down to Times Square to get in the TKTS line to get some tickets for a broadway show! We ended up getting some for Cinderella!


Saw this bad boy while standing in line. Yes, that is a giant Lego X-Wing and it was awesome. After that I wanted to try some new restaurants and we settled on V-Note a vegan restaurant by my brothers place. It was a treat because there are literally no vegan restaurants in Alabama. I ended up getting the Feijoadinha a Brazilian stew that contained smokey tempeh, chayote, sweet potato, chick peas, lotus root and black beans, served with rice.

So good you guys! After that we headed on back to the apartment got ready and then headed out to the show! We had heard this show had gotten great reviews and was already up for a few Tony’s! It didn’t disappoint so if you live around there or are visiting I’d suggest it. We weren’t allowed to take pics so nothing to post sorry guys but it was so sweet at the end of the show the actors came out and said that two lucky guests were going to win a prize and called two tickets out to come on stage. The actors started to ask the guests the questions and it ended up the guy on stage had it all planned out and proposed to his girl friend on stage! It was the sweetest thing ever.

Here’s me and my sister in law after! I will post more later. I’m still missing New York so much! May need to make my way back soon..hope y’all enjoy the rest of your Sunday!