New York, New York

Ok guys sorry I am a little late on this post it’s been crazy hectic since I got back from New York! I have been so tired and I haven’t even gotten a chance to unpack! I figured I’d break down my trip in multiple posts.

First off I would like to say my first time flying alone was a success! And second I would say that eating healthy at airports can be hard! I was so hectic when I left Friday I literally survived solely off of Quest bars. By the time I got on the plane I was starting to get sick because I was so hungry and I ha to eat some yuck plane pretzels. Then I get to the Atlanta airport hoping for real food and forget it’s a holiday and every single restaurant is PACKED! So I had to make due with a veggie smoothie from Jamba Juice and a pre-packed salad. Which still did nothing to tide me over. Apparently my hunger was raging.

I finally landed at LaGuardia around 10 and it was freezing! Not exactly what I was expecting in May, and of course all the locals said its never like this, guess it’s my luck. Anyways, I hopped my butt in a taxi and headed on out to my brothers place In the Upper East Side. Where he had a special treat for me….


No this is not healthy nor in my diet but when a man offers you Ray’s original pizza you DO NOT turn him down. I ate a piece and it was worth the trip alone.

After that settled in for a second I was ready for my first night out on the town. Since it was late already we stayed around the apartment and ended up at Brother Jimmy’s and got a decent drink.


Do ya see the size of that thing!? It was craziness and this place was a blast.

After that we called it a night and headed in so we could rest up for a big day!

I will fill you guys in with the rest of the trip later : ) I will leave you with this interesting tidbit I found in this months Cosmopolitan.


Who knew?


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