Catch Up

OK, I have been officially the worst blogger. I have been so busy and I keep forgetting to update! And I keep forgetting to take pictures and also my meals have kind of been the same and therefor none too exciting. I hope I can get back in the game and make myself remember to stay accountable to this.

Another reason I have been busy is I have been trying to fit in a new style of working out and how I plan on going about this on my own with no program to follow and also I have been celebrating my birthday! I am such a girl when it comes to birthday celebrations and I make it more of a birthday month than a BirthDAY…whatever, so sue me. I am turning the big 24. Which really means nothing special but I am one step closer to my quarter-life crisis and my insurance going down. Whoop whoop!

Although, my actual birthday isn’t until this Sunday and I will be in New York! So this is for sure to be a birthday to remember. I will for certain be uploading many a pictures to my blog when I get back. Since I know I will be gorging on ridiculously tasty food I am going to make sure to work out with my brother and his fiance while I am up there. Got to make time for fitness!

As far as fitness goes I have really been doing surprisingly well coming up with my own work outs. I have been going at 5 a.m., and yes morning work outs are not for the light hearted, but I feel like when I make myself go in the morning and get it over with I do better with getting it out of the way and having the rest of the day to get other things done so I don’t get lazy and make excuses later. I have also been trying to fit in some running every day when I get home to get some cardio in. I have actually started to really like running even though I am still far from good at it. Progress people, progress.



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