Weekend wrap up

Well the weekend has flew by way to quick yet again!

Happy Mother’s Day for all you mothers out there to kids or fur babies!

As far as my work out recaps go Friday was a much needed rest day. I hadn’t gotten in much sleep during the week and my body was telling me it needed some rest badly. Saturday I ran 3.5 miles and it felt great! Except that about half way through my run it started pouring down rain and I was a good mile away from my house so needless to say I got drenched. Today I finished my last day of the LiveFit program and got a nice two mile run In. I’m kind of sad because I really liked having a guide telling me what to do but I think it has taught me a lot about strength training so I hope ill be fine on my own. I just hope I can do well with the eating healthy portion.

As far as my weekend went I went out with my friends Friday who are from out of town and showed them around.

Saturday night I went and saw Great Gatsby and let me say if you haven’t seen it it’s a must. It just made me want to go throw some extravagant party but then I remembered my wallet does not resemble Gatsby’s sadly. Today I went with my mother to church and watched my little cousin get baptized. Yay!

Just for a little extra something here is a pic of me that finally came in from the Azalea trail run I did back in April.


Upon my first glance of this pic I wondered first why do I look so ridiculous? And then I remembered isn’t think anyone looks good after a run. Except for maybe this guy.


Also the second thing is why was that guy so close to me? I didn’t even notice I guess I was in the zone. Anyways I hope this horrid picture brings you some entertainment and your welcome!


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