Throw in the towel

Well Monday is over and for most that means that the worst day of the week is over! But for me that is not so…today was…..




The absolute worst of the worst. I don’t know what it is I can work out my upper body and core all day every day but when it comes to working out my legs I start and I’m all like nope.

But I do always love the sore feeling and the results I get so its worth it and its got to be done.

Does anyone have any other body part they feel like is worse/harder to train than leg day?

After my work out this morning I wanted to spice things up and try and make a fancy omelet so I came up with this crazy concoction.

Pizza Omelet:


1/3 cup egg white

1 tbsp tomato sauce

6 pepperonis ( or to your taste)

1/4 cup of mozzarella cheese ( I used vegan cheese)


I swear to you it’s delicious and a healthy way to fix those pizza cravings.

Anyways, on a side note. I have been thinking about getting new running shoes but I’m not sure which brand/style to go with. I’ve heard brooks is the best bust I’ve always been a loyal Nike girl. I over pronate so I need something that has good cushioning.

What brand do you use? Any suggestions?

Speaking of running I got this months Stridebox yesterday! If you run I suggest you jump on these ASAP!


I loved everything I got which included some vanilla pea protein I can’t wait to try and a shoe hook for your gym bag. I tried the honey stinger energy chews today and they were delicious and did the job waking me up for my morning work out! I will fill you guys in on the rest of the items as I use them!


2 thoughts on “Throw in the towel

  1. I have to get new shoes soon as well, and I’m dreading it… But my shins are starting to hurt so that’s when I know it’s time. Yay blisters, haha! My current shoes are nike, and I confess that I love their neon colors more than anything 🙂
    I am definitely going to try your omelet idea! I just made eggs this morning and was thinking how boring they were, so thanks for the idea!

    • I am having knee issues so that’s why I know it’s time to retire my nikes. I’m the same way I love the bright colors and hate the grandma look most shoes have but brooks comes in crazy rainbow colors so I may cave! We will see.

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