Happy cinco de mayo!

Hope everyone is living it up and enjoying some fiestas! I actually ate Mexican Thursday and Saturday so I am kind of Mexicaned out so I volunteered to skip the festivities. My day so far has consisted of running and meal prep. I know I’m a wild child.

I actually have been super busy this weekend I took a trip over to Pensacola and Friday made it out to one of my favorite places. Maybe you can figure it out from this picture?


These things are deliciousness and disaster in a glass but oh so worth it.

Saturday we made it over to the crawfish festival and enjoyed ourselves some yummy Mudbugs. I was kind I angry though because the festival wasn’t so much a festival more so just a bunch of vendors and only one crawfish tent. Soooo maybe the name crawfish festival was a little misleading there. Even though the line was ridiculously long to get the food since it was one tent it was so worth it because they were spicy just like I like em.


They just stopped by to say hiiiii! Hope everyone enjoys their weekend like I did! Time to start a new week tomorrow.


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