The best month

So check this out: it finally May and Friday! I am one excited lady! This month is my birthday month and I have so much going on with cinco de mayo, maybe a zombie run, memorial weekend my BIRTHDAYYYYY and I will be in New York. I can’t wait to visit and blow my money see my brother. Also, you know your a fitness addict when the highlight of your trip is getting to visit a whole foods. We are deprived here in Alabama and the closest one to me is more than 3 hours away. So this girl will probably be spending a nice chunk of change there. Watch out Whole Foods hope your stocked up!

In other exciting news I have a new product to brag about. Recently I ran out of protein powder…which is like one of the worst feelings of ever..and I had a coupon for gnc so I swung on by. I was perusing through the store and couldn’t find my usual protein of isopure or any good vegan proteins. Since buying powder for me is difficult with my lactose allergy but I stumbled upon Muscle Milk and it was on sale and lactose free so I was like why not. GUYS I’m in LOVE. It doesn’t even taste like protein it taste like heaven a milkshake. Go buy it right now. It’s legend-wait for it because it doesn’t have any-dary.


As far as work outs go I am finally starting to see lots of changes and muscle from my Jamie Eason Live Fit program. If you are just starting off in strength training or just want to try something different I suggest you try it. I am sad it’s almost over but I am ready to try something new to switch thangs up. Anywho, have a good weekend y’all!


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