New York, New York

Ok guys sorry I am a little late on this post it’s been crazy hectic since I got back from New York! I have been so tired and I haven’t even gotten a chance to unpack! I figured I’d break down my trip in multiple posts.

First off I would like to say my first time flying alone was a success! And second I would say that eating healthy at airports can be hard! I was so hectic when I left Friday I literally survived solely off of Quest bars. By the time I got on the plane I was starting to get sick because I was so hungry and I ha to eat some yuck plane pretzels. Then I get to the Atlanta airport hoping for real food and forget it’s a holiday and every single restaurant is PACKED! So I had to make due with a veggie smoothie from Jamba Juice and a pre-packed salad. Which still did nothing to tide me over. Apparently my hunger was raging.

I finally landed at LaGuardia around 10 and it was freezing! Not exactly what I was expecting in May, and of course all the locals said its never like this, guess it’s my luck. Anyways, I hopped my butt in a taxi and headed on out to my brothers place In the Upper East Side. Where he had a special treat for me….


No this is not healthy nor in my diet but when a man offers you Ray’s original pizza you DO NOT turn him down. I ate a piece and it was worth the trip alone.

After that settled in for a second I was ready for my first night out on the town. Since it was late already we stayed around the apartment and ended up at Brother Jimmy’s and got a decent drink.


Do ya see the size of that thing!? It was craziness and this place was a blast.

After that we called it a night and headed in so we could rest up for a big day!

I will fill you guys in with the rest of the trip later : ) I will leave you with this interesting tidbit I found in this months Cosmopolitan.


Who knew?


Nervous Nelly

Ahhhhhh! Ok, in case you can’t tell by the title I am getting super nervous about heading out to New York tomorrow. I don’t really know why I think it is just because I am flying by myself and I haven’t flown in a few years. I just hope all goes well. I am the person who always gets stuck by some weirdos on flights and I am in a window seat this time so yet again probably will be sandwiched between some interesting character but hey it makes for great stories and that means good reading for you guys!

Example of my view last trip to New York. Window seat again.

I am still not sure about what I’m going to want to do while in the Big Apple. Four days is definitely not enough time to do all the things I would like to do. I haven’t even packed yet! Whoops…. The weather in New York is drastically different than it is here in Alabama. Hence, today’s high here in the 80’s..New York’s high is in the 60’s. Guess I better bring the jeans back out!

Random Picture from my last New York trip inserted here


Please, you guys throw me out some suggestions of things I should do while in New York! I will be staying with my brother who lives in the Upper East Side, also, so if you have any restaurant suggestions hit me up because I’m a huge foodie : )

Hopefully, I can update you guys tomorrow. I will be taking plenty of pictures, probably to the point where I am annoying. But you know you love it.

I guess I should talk a little about fitness now. As far as my work outs go I am so proud of myself I have been increasing my distance. The other day I had an easy run and ran over four miles! Never ever would I thought four miles would be an easy run for me. Craziness I tell you. On a side note my body is sore from head to toe. I am starting to get the hang of this strength training on my own thing. Two thumbs up for this girl. Anyways, enough blabbering I need to start getting myself prepared!


Catch Up

OK, I have been officially the worst blogger. I have been so busy and I keep forgetting to update! And I keep forgetting to take pictures and also my meals have kind of been the same and therefor none too exciting. I hope I can get back in the game and make myself remember to stay accountable to this.

Another reason I have been busy is I have been trying to fit in a new style of working out and how I plan on going about this on my own with no program to follow and also I have been celebrating my birthday! I am such a girl when it comes to birthday celebrations and I make it more of a birthday month than a BirthDAY…whatever, so sue me. I am turning the big 24. Which really means nothing special but I am one step closer to my quarter-life crisis and my insurance going down. Whoop whoop!

Although, my actual birthday isn’t until this Sunday and I will be in New York! So this is for sure to be a birthday to remember. I will for certain be uploading many a pictures to my blog when I get back. Since I know I will be gorging on ridiculously tasty food I am going to make sure to work out with my brother and his fiance while I am up there. Got to make time for fitness!

As far as fitness goes I have really been doing surprisingly well coming up with my own work outs. I have been going at 5 a.m., and yes morning work outs are not for the light hearted, but I feel like when I make myself go in the morning and get it over with I do better with getting it out of the way and having the rest of the day to get other things done so I don’t get lazy and make excuses later. I have also been trying to fit in some running every day when I get home to get some cardio in. I have actually started to really like running even though I am still far from good at it. Progress people, progress.


Weekend wrap up

Well the weekend has flew by way to quick yet again!

Happy Mother’s Day for all you mothers out there to kids or fur babies!

As far as my work out recaps go Friday was a much needed rest day. I hadn’t gotten in much sleep during the week and my body was telling me it needed some rest badly. Saturday I ran 3.5 miles and it felt great! Except that about half way through my run it started pouring down rain and I was a good mile away from my house so needless to say I got drenched. Today I finished my last day of the LiveFit program and got a nice two mile run In. I’m kind of sad because I really liked having a guide telling me what to do but I think it has taught me a lot about strength training so I hope ill be fine on my own. I just hope I can do well with the eating healthy portion.

As far as my weekend went I went out with my friends Friday who are from out of town and showed them around.

Saturday night I went and saw Great Gatsby and let me say if you haven’t seen it it’s a must. It just made me want to go throw some extravagant party but then I remembered my wallet does not resemble Gatsby’s sadly. Today I went with my mother to church and watched my little cousin get baptized. Yay!

Just for a little extra something here is a pic of me that finally came in from the Azalea trail run I did back in April.


Upon my first glance of this pic I wondered first why do I look so ridiculous? And then I remembered isn’t think anyone looks good after a run. Except for maybe this guy.


Also the second thing is why was that guy so close to me? I didn’t even notice I guess I was in the zone. Anyways I hope this horrid picture brings you some entertainment and your welcome!

Throw in the towel

Well Monday is over and for most that means that the worst day of the week is over! But for me that is not so…today was…..




The absolute worst of the worst. I don’t know what it is I can work out my upper body and core all day every day but when it comes to working out my legs I start and I’m all like nope.

But I do always love the sore feeling and the results I get so its worth it and its got to be done.

Does anyone have any other body part they feel like is worse/harder to train than leg day?

After my work out this morning I wanted to spice things up and try and make a fancy omelet so I came up with this crazy concoction.

Pizza Omelet:


1/3 cup egg white

1 tbsp tomato sauce

6 pepperonis ( or to your taste)

1/4 cup of mozzarella cheese ( I used vegan cheese)


I swear to you it’s delicious and a healthy way to fix those pizza cravings.

Anyways, on a side note. I have been thinking about getting new running shoes but I’m not sure which brand/style to go with. I’ve heard brooks is the best bust I’ve always been a loyal Nike girl. I over pronate so I need something that has good cushioning.

What brand do you use? Any suggestions?

Speaking of running I got this months Stridebox yesterday! If you run I suggest you jump on these ASAP!


I loved everything I got which included some vanilla pea protein I can’t wait to try and a shoe hook for your gym bag. I tried the honey stinger energy chews today and they were delicious and did the job waking me up for my morning work out! I will fill you guys in on the rest of the items as I use them!

Happy cinco de mayo!

Hope everyone is living it up and enjoying some fiestas! I actually ate Mexican Thursday and Saturday so I am kind of Mexicaned out so I volunteered to skip the festivities. My day so far has consisted of running and meal prep. I know I’m a wild child.

I actually have been super busy this weekend I took a trip over to Pensacola and Friday made it out to one of my favorite places. Maybe you can figure it out from this picture?


These things are deliciousness and disaster in a glass but oh so worth it.

Saturday we made it over to the crawfish festival and enjoyed ourselves some yummy Mudbugs. I was kind I angry though because the festival wasn’t so much a festival more so just a bunch of vendors and only one crawfish tent. Soooo maybe the name crawfish festival was a little misleading there. Even though the line was ridiculously long to get the food since it was one tent it was so worth it because they were spicy just like I like em.


They just stopped by to say hiiiii! Hope everyone enjoys their weekend like I did! Time to start a new week tomorrow.

The best month

So check this out: it finally May and Friday! I am one excited lady! This month is my birthday month and I have so much going on with cinco de mayo, maybe a zombie run, memorial weekend my BIRTHDAYYYYY and I will be in New York. I can’t wait to visit and blow my money see my brother. Also, you know your a fitness addict when the highlight of your trip is getting to visit a whole foods. We are deprived here in Alabama and the closest one to me is more than 3 hours away. So this girl will probably be spending a nice chunk of change there. Watch out Whole Foods hope your stocked up!

In other exciting news I have a new product to brag about. Recently I ran out of protein powder…which is like one of the worst feelings of ever..and I had a coupon for gnc so I swung on by. I was perusing through the store and couldn’t find my usual protein of isopure or any good vegan proteins. Since buying powder for me is difficult with my lactose allergy but I stumbled upon Muscle Milk and it was on sale and lactose free so I was like why not. GUYS I’m in LOVE. It doesn’t even taste like protein it taste like heaven a milkshake. Go buy it right now. It’s legend-wait for it because it doesn’t have any-dary.


As far as work outs go I am finally starting to see lots of changes and muscle from my Jamie Eason Live Fit program. If you are just starting off in strength training or just want to try something different I suggest you try it. I am sad it’s almost over but I am ready to try something new to switch thangs up. Anywho, have a good weekend y’all!