Mullet Toss Recovery

Hello there,

It’s another Monday and if anyone else is feeling like I am feeling today then bless your heart. This weekend was a little event called Mullet Toss that happens annually at Florabama on the Florida Alabama line on the beach and It was a pure mad house. If you’re wondering why its called a mullet toss it has nothing to do with actual mullets, you know business in the front party in the back, though there are plenty of those there too. The event is a contest where people sign up and toss a Mullet, the fish, and see who throws it the farthest. Yes it is silly and yes it is just an excuse to throw a big party, so what, don’t judge us. It’s a time for everyone to let out their inner redneck, even though for some that doesn’t require much effort. I think I pulled it off quite well.


It was all in good fun and I had a blast. I was worried I was going to fall off the healthy eating bus with fried food frozen drinks galore surrounding me but all was well!! So two thumbs up for me.

I even managed to get some work outs in. I am following a squat challenge which requires you to do more and more squats each day and with that and walking on the sand carrying beach bags and coolers and tents my legs were definitely feeling the burn.

But today my body was just not ready to go back to real life. My alarm didn’t go off i was late to work and I had a healthy breakfast of sea salt popcorn that I had on hand and I didn’t pack a lunch. Soooo happy Monday to me. It’s back to reality so I have to pull it together. It can only get better from here!


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