Food, good yummy delicious food

I wanted to share a few of my meals I have been whipping up lately. I’ve been doing so good with eating healthy and cooking all my meals.

First off, I have to show my new find. How I have not heard about this stuff until now I have no idea because I do believe it may be the best thing of ever. I’m on a mission to try crazy concoctions with every flavor.


I may seriously be In love.

Moving on…

Another first for me was spaghetti squash! Oh lord it was so good now I can have pasta back in my life without eating a million calories. The meal consisted of spaghetti squash, home made pasta sauce with veggies thrown in and some venison. On the side there you will see some buffalo cauliflower. And it was all way too good.

For this morning I ate this new recipe I found on Pinterest. The holy grail of recipes.

Hawaiian over night oats. Just some oats thrown in with almond milk (may be better with coconut milk I will need to try next time) and some pineapple and coconut shreds. Perfecto!

For my work out today I did biceps/ back and me and my friend went to a local park and did sprints as ran. I think I almost died. Since I haven’t been playing soccer anymore I forget how much I demise sprints but boyyyy do they work. Now I’m off to get my rest in after all that. Hasta mañana!


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