Fun filled weekend

Well guys time to fill you in on my weekend! I went to my beach house this past weekend to get away and enjoy our first spring weather weekend!

Friday I took my rest day because I was exhausted! Also, the idea of being at the beach sounded way better than being at the gym. ohhh wellll
I think I more than made up for it on Saturday! I decided to check out one of the trails at Gulf Shores State park and decided to run a 5k but found myself catching a second wind and ended up running 6 miles in under an hour! Wahoo never thought I would catch myself doing that.


I was so proud of myself and not even tired! I think the 10 miler sounds like it will be a breeze now. I think the pretty view may have helped a little.


I ate healthy all weekend too and got a newfound love for sweet potatoe. I used to not be a fan but I figured I would give it another go and I don’t know what I was thinking! It’s delicious an with cinnamon on top Nom, Nom, Nom.

Sunday I went for another run but only made it a little less than two because I was feeling a little queezy I don’t think my food ha settled yet. So note to self don’t run on a full tummy.

So far this week I am slacking slightly in the working out and eating healthy deportment because last night I ate Mexican( i.e. margaritas) and today I had fried chicken! But my other meals have been clean and tomorrow I’m back on track.

Also, to encourage me to get my fitness on my first Stride box came in!


It’s only a sample box because I ordered mine too late but It still included some awesome goodies: A Picky Bar (Gluten & Dairy free), Gu Energy Gel(in peanut butter my favorite) and a Nuun drink tab. Can’t wait to try them out!


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