The most dreaded day

If you lift weights you probably know exactly what day I am talking about…yesterday was LEG DAY.

Pinned Image

This explains my feelings to a T

I am definitely feeling it today. Whoo. I have been trying to focus more on upping my heavy lifting and man it is killer! I can tell it is making a difference though and I love the feeling of getting stronger. Plus, it doesn’t hurt being able to show off every once in a while.

I am still following Jamie Eason’s Live Fit program. I’m on week 7, whoop whoop! Only a little more than a month left then I’m done!

Here was yesterday’s work out.


Now I must say I can squat all day long but I do believe lunges may be the death of me but I got to work hard for that booty…which is pretty much non-existent right now but were working on that!


For some examples of what I have been eating to keep my clean eating up here my breakfast and lunch today

Egg white,spinach, lean ground turkey with veggie pepper jack cheese and killer chia toast with blackberry preserve. Yum! Be jealous.


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