The place where dreams come true

Now, you may all be wondering what is up with the weird title and I am so excited to tell you! But you’ll have to hold on just a minute for that answer.

So, if you have read my last post you know that Easter I totally let myself go. Easter treats were just too tempting and it was ultimately my downfall. It set me back from all the hard work and progress I had made so far. Nevertheless, as sucky as it may be I am not giving up!

I have no realized that to make progress sweets are just going to have to no longer be a part of my life. Every time I have just a little it brings back my sweet tooth and I indulge big time. So from now on my cheat meals will have to stay far far away from anything sweet and sugary. I think I can do it…I know I can do it1! I feel a little bummed out that I kind of ruined my progress but reading some inspirational quotes has put it into perspective for me, so I hope these may help you too.

Pinned Image

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No one is perfect, everyone fails and all you can do is keep going! I will not let myself slip back into a unhealthy lifestyle and I will keep going at it!

Now, back to that title….GUESS WHAT!?

This girl right here has made plans to go to Disney!! I have been wanting to go since it  has been since high school since I went. Which is just way too long ago ( where has the time gone?) I had been reading a blog where the author had just finished the Goofy Marathon and I was intrigued as to what other events they had coming up. As I scanned the events they had lined up through the year one caught my eye right away.

The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror 10-Miler!!

For those who don’t know, my favorite holiday of all time, ALL TIME, is Halloween. So when I saw Disney, Halloween, and running all mixed together I was sold. So my and my fellow running buddies will be heading down to Orlando this October to get our run on and I could not be more excited. However, I have never ran that long of a distance so the thought is kind of scary but the fact I have set a goal to have myself ready for it is motivation for me to get my run on and up my training. EEEEEKKK I’m still so excited. Can not wait!

Also, I have MORE news. I found out I will be going to visit my brother in New York for my birthday in May! I will only be there for a few days so I will have to squeeze in as many activities as I can in that short amount of time. If any of you have any suggestions that would be greatly appreciated!


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