Run, run, run

Happy humpday! Thank goodness the weeks almost over. Since it’s spring normally I would be excited for the weekend nearing because that would mean beach time. That is not the case however because for some reason it is a cheery 40 degrees outside! Whaaaaa!? Craziness.

Well, let me tell you my day. I woke up sooooore. I am definitely feeling the change in reps and weights in my strength training plan. Too makes day better I also went to the dentist. Oh joy! Don’t you just love when you go and they are trying to hold a conversation with you? Like…you know your hands in my mouth right now ya know the thing I use to speak. Yeaaahhhh.

As far as my diet goes I have been doing so good! No cheating. I have been trying to fit in more natural protein instead of mostly from shakes and try and eat less carbs and sugar. I must say Easter is going to be rough though I hope I can do well. : / I went to the store today and a bag of dark chocolate raisinets called my name! At least it’s semi healthy right? We will go with that.

Here’s an example of my meal.


Egg whites, spinach, and turkey meatballs. Breakfast of champions..but for dinner. There’s never a bad time for breakfast food.

For my workout today I had another bodypump class. We had a different instructor. I had her once before and let me say she is one tough cookie. After the class I got on the treadmill for a quick interval work out. A few minutes in a guy got next to me and his cologne was so strong I had to get off because it was making me nauseous! Hate that he ruined my work out but I hope to make it up tomorrow.

I think I will still be sore tomorrow for sure. I will let you know. Adios!


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