Eek Monday Again!

Sorry for not posting this weekend like I should I was super busy! I am so proud of myself. Usually on the weekends I kind of fall off the healthy bus but this weekend I did great! I ate healthy worked out and kept up my water intake! Which by the way the gallon of water a day thing has paid off! I dropped 3 pounds my first week. I think I gained a pound of it back this weekend but I am hoping I am just fluctuating and/or gaining muscle which I am totally okay with. I feel with drinking all this water I am becoming a fish and need to be constantly drinking water to survive. It’s craziness.

Anywho, time for a weekend recap.


Work out- Ran 1.5 miles, Elliptical for 10 minutes, and did Shoulder Strength Training which was rough! I can usually lift pretty heavy but my shoulders are apparently my weekness! By the end of the session I was down to using 3 pound weights to finish it off. SO SAD.

Here’s the work out I followed:

The Workout



End of superset; resume normal sets

I went a little easy on the cardio because my legs were still KILLING me from leg day this week. It was intense to say the least and also I didn’t want to over do it since I had the 5k the next morning.

After my workout I enjoyed a Anytime Cinnamon Roll Protein smoothie, practiced some guitar, and then crashed hard core so I would be able to wake up bright and early for the race in the A.M.


I woke up ready to face the day! For some reason I struggle daily to wake up for work but on the weekends when I have fun events planned I am up and running.

For breakfast I made oatmeal with an almond,craisin, and walnut mix sprinkled on top alongside some chocolate coconut water (my new addiction). Needed some carbs in my belly to prepare for this race!




The race day was rather cold and windy which didn’t make for prime race weather but I still did great and had tons of fun!

Us before the race

The expo after the race was awesome and I got lots of goodies and had my body fat measured and they said I was in the lean category. Whoop whoop! Never thought I would hear that. I did good and resisted the free beer, Chick-fil-a and sausage and cheese grits and settled on yummy apple and water. Go me!


My much needed rest day. My legs were still sore and I spent my day cleaning and lounging around outside getting my tan on. It was finally warm enough to venture outside and I certainly took advantage of it.

As for today I made some delicious protein pancakes using Muffin- Top less’s recipe found here.



So good! Also, since I have been adding more running and cardio to my work out routine I decided I would purchase Stridebox to encourage me to make sure I do so!

Stridebox is a gift box for runners that comes with tons of awesome goodies every month delivered right to your door. I encourage you to check it out!

Everyone have a good Monday! : )



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