Thirsty Thirsty

Well thank goodness,

I some how managed to make it through Monday. This weekend was quite a crazy one for me with my friends getting married I was busy pretty much all weekend! I must say it was the best wedding I have been to by far.

Friday, I was recovering from the concert the night before and had to trudge through work then I headed to Downtown Mobile to begin with the wedding festivities. We met at the Hampton Inn for the rehearsal dinner and the food was delicious! I enjoyed a sampling of pecan crusted grouper and a side of green beans and there was no complaints from this girl. The dinner itself was super fun reminiscing on the couples past and the slideshow was the best part looking back at all the crazy adventures everyone had together.

Saturday was another adventure all together. The day started off at a local pub Callaghan’s, where everyone goes to be Irish for the day.

I decided to snag a few drinks in while we were there and tried a new beer called Redd’s a new apple ale and as a fan of cider I had to give it a go and it didn’t disappoint.

The festivities of the day were crazy and I loved to see everyone walk around with the awesome costumes including leprechauns, of course, which is sadly what Mobile is best known for.

Everybody see the leprechaun say YEAHHHHHHHHH

While we were there I decided to get some food in me since I knew we wouldn’t be eating until much later in the night after the wedding. I decided to try out Corned beef and cabbage for the first time so I could feel like a real Irishman(woman?) and it was interesting for sure. Not sure it was something I would eat on the regular.

Later in the day we made it to the Cathedral for the wedding and it was gorgeous!

My first Catholic wedding I was warned it was long with lots of standing and sitting but it was not too bad.After the service we took a bus over to the cruise terminal where the real adventure began! It was the most fun wedding I had ever been to I must say.

Catherine and I at the wedding

For St. Patrick’s day I must say I did a whole lot of nothing. All my Irish energy was spent and I needed a day of rest after all that madness.

Anyways, you may be wondering what the title of this post has to do with anything. I have made a new goal to make myself start drinking a gallon of water a day. A WHOLE GALLON. For a girl who has never been a fan of drinking water it will be a challenge but one day in I have already lost one pound! If that’s the results I get I can do this anytime anyday.



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