Dirt Road Diaries

So I have been slacking just a tiny bit on updating the blog so I had to make a post and share my AWESOME experience last night. Yesterday after leaving work early I made my way back over the good ol’ Orange Beach for the best concert, of ever. Luke Bryan‘s Dirt Road Diaries tour with headliners Florida Georgia Line and Thompson Square.

When I first got down there I met up with my friend and headed on down to the Compleat Angler, a restaurant located at The Wharf where the concert was being held. Although, we did not eat I would suggest it to any one in the Orange Beach or Daphne area because the food is phenomenal especially if your a fan of Caribbean style meals.

After throwing back a few vodka waters (trying to drink as healthy as I can) we walked on over to enter the concert. Ground level tickets WHOOP WHOOP! I must say it was the most fun at a concert I have had. I have seen Luke twice now and he never disappoints.

The concert began with Florida Georgia Line as the opening act. I didn’t know many of FGL’s songs but I must say they earned a new fan. They were really energetic and got the crowd going and all there songs are really great beach/party songs I would suggest buying their recent cd Here’s to the Good Times.

Florida George Line- Look how close we were!

After them Thompson Square came out and put on another show and kept the crowd going. However, I was apparently too into it because I forgot to take pics.. whoops.

Then came the main attraction..my main man Luke!!! I was like a giddy school girl when he came out on stage.

I mean just LOOK at that

He was, of course, amazing and I didn’t want it to end. I will most certainly be going to see him again soon.

Although I had a blast I unfortunately did not have time to work out. It kind of made me sad.

That is exactly how I feel but I think I may have to count me jumping up and down like a crazy person for Luke as a work out ; ). On a side not, I signed up for another 5k to do next weekend! Azalea Trail Run. I am excited and I hope I can beat my time from the McGuire’s run. Everyone wish me luck!







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