Spring Forward!

Happy Monday! This weekend flew by for me and along with the time change needless to say I was not looking forward to waking up today. To brighten my day I will recap all of the fun activities of this past weekend!

Friday, me and some friends made our way over to Orange Beach, Al. To start off our festivities we decided to go grab some grub. Of course, you can not go to the beach and not have seafood so we made our way over to Live Bait where I ordered some gumbo with a fruity drink on the side. It’s the beach you have to have fruity drinks!

Joanna, Me, and Catherine at Live Bait

We decided to call it a night early because we were all exhausted and needed a good nights rest for our 5k the next morning. Though before we made it home some frozen yogurt was calling our name so we swung by TCBY for some frozen concoctions. I hadn’t had TCBY since I was a kid so I didn’t know what flavor to get but the chocolate flavors were calling my name so I went with a Chocolate Malted scoop in a waffle cone. Yum yum.

Saturday we all woke up bright and early and headed over to Pensacola, Fl for the McGuire’s 5k. I am not much of a morning person so I took a 5 hour energy to kick start myself. When we got to the pub it was like a mad house. Although, McGuires 5k is an actual race most people do it just for fun and the free drinks so most people are walkers and a lot of people dress up in crazy costumes. I wish I had take pictures of all the crazy people but some of them were a little R rated!

A small sample of the insane people there. Just take a look in the background.

There were quite some characters out there. I saw a woman carrying a cup of bacon, a man in a Thor costume, even a few adventurous boys wearing the bathing suit from Borat.

Imagine that running next to you

It was definitely a great time. My friends ran their first 5k so proud of them! I managed to run a 30:30. It isn’t that fast but I ran the whole way and I am very proud of myself. Already ready for my next one. The after party was the best part of the whole thing. We had a few of those free Irish Wakes I discussed, many one too many. I even got to participate in my first Harlem Shake with 16k of my closest friends.

It was madness I tell you. After that insanity we headed back to the beach house for a much needed power nap.

After we rested up and regained our strength it was time to continue the adventure. We decided to make it out to Florabama which is a must for anyone who visits the area.

The whole weekend was a blast. I think I had a little too much fun. Time to kick myself back into the real world and work off these excess calories I inhaled this weekend.




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