It’s Friday, Friday

Maybe it is just me but every Friday without fail that Rebecca Black song will pop into my head at some point. It’s a curse. Although, as an upside the week is finally over!

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This week actually went surprisingly fast for me so I’m not complaining at all. Although, I have been counting down the days until tomorrow. We here in Mobile, Al have an Annual Chili Cook off and I am a girl who loves her chili. Now it’s time to get into the routine of the day.

I finally got my protein in the mail, Yippee! It only took a day to get here. I must say I am so impressed with everything you order is immediately shipped and they always offer two free samples of your choice. Can’t complain about that. Any-who, with my new protein in I had to make a shake this morning.

My shake consisted of:

2 Scoops Isopure Dutch Chocolate 1/2 Frozen Banana 1/2 Cup of Water

All Mixed Together Turned into this little cup of magic


And it was delicious let me tell you it tasted like a milkshake but only a million times better for you (Excuse my messy desk in the background).

For lunch I had tons of errands to run and I had forgotten to bring a lunch. Thank goodness for Fresh Market being close by. I swung by and snagged sole sushi.

Spicy Salmon Roll with brown rice. Hit the spot.

For a snack I ate honey roasted peanuts and some turkey jersey and for dinner it was another shake. No picture because it was a little repetitive so I figured I’d leave that out.

After work I went to the gym and forgot my shoes! Worst nightmare come true. So instead I went home and completed the Hope Solo work out from the Nike Training App. I suggest you all look it up. Although it didn’t seem like much It had me dripping sweat! Definitely a great app to have if you can’t make it to the gym.

After my work out I made it out to Montego’s, a delicious little Caribbean restaurant in town where my friend Allie was playing. Always a fun time with friends and with great music!


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