Chili day!

Today has been a great Saturday! Although it is a chilly 40 degrees(beyond cold for us fellow Mobilians). We managed to make our way downtown and tried so many crazy types of chili.

That’s us with our free chili and rainbow goldfish, yes were kids at heart.


We also tried Duck Chili, Boudin Chili, and Kangaroo Chili. Real kangaroo in chili! Honestly, it tasted like a tree in meat form but definitely worth a try.


I sadly forgot to take a picture of the Kangaroo chili but it looked like strips of steak. Very interesting. After that we were craving something to wash all that Chili down so we headed to a local restaurant downtown T.P. Crockmiers and I ordered a Hurricane.


Made me want to be in New Orleans! I have had a travel bug lately but thankfully were going out of town to Pensacola beach next weekend so maybe that will temporarily fix my urge for now.


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