Eggs, Easter bunnies, and terrible eating

Happy Easter everyone!! I don’t know about you guys but I will eat healthy and have so much will power but once it comes to holidays it’s like it all goes out the window! This weekend has been the worst for me and I feel like I can already tell onto waste line! I hate when you work hard all week just to ruin it on the weekend. I was doing so good and today my dad decided to give me Reese’s peanut butter eggs (thanks dad) and at lunch I ate so good until I saw the pie and cake. Sweets are my weakness and although I know it is ok and healthy to allow yourself to cheat sometimes I feel like I always go over board or it makes me crave bad things more! I really need to get my will power under control! I know everyone makes mistakes and I hope I can get this under control : / Any tips y’all have to help you get over your cravings?


Run, run, run

Happy humpday! Thank goodness the weeks almost over. Since it’s spring normally I would be excited for the weekend nearing because that would mean beach time. That is not the case however because for some reason it is a cheery 40 degrees outside! Whaaaaa!? Craziness.

Well, let me tell you my day. I woke up sooooore. I am definitely feeling the change in reps and weights in my strength training plan. Too makes day better I also went to the dentist. Oh joy! Don’t you just love when you go and they are trying to hold a conversation with you? Like…you know your hands in my mouth right now ya know the thing I use to speak. Yeaaahhhh.

As far as my diet goes I have been doing so good! No cheating. I have been trying to fit in more natural protein instead of mostly from shakes and try and eat less carbs and sugar. I must say Easter is going to be rough though I hope I can do well. : / I went to the store today and a bag of dark chocolate raisinets called my name! At least it’s semi healthy right? We will go with that.

Here’s an example of my meal.


Egg whites, spinach, and turkey meatballs. Breakfast of champions..but for dinner. There’s never a bad time for breakfast food.

For my workout today I had another bodypump class. We had a different instructor. I had her once before and let me say she is one tough cookie. After the class I got on the treadmill for a quick interval work out. A few minutes in a guy got next to me and his cologne was so strong I had to get off because it was making me nauseous! Hate that he ruined my work out but I hope to make it up tomorrow.

I think I will still be sore tomorrow for sure. I will let you know. Adios!

Eek Monday Again!

Sorry for not posting this weekend like I should I was super busy! I am so proud of myself. Usually on the weekends I kind of fall off the healthy bus but this weekend I did great! I ate healthy worked out and kept up my water intake! Which by the way the gallon of water a day thing has paid off! I dropped 3 pounds my first week. I think I gained a pound of it back this weekend but I am hoping I am just fluctuating and/or gaining muscle which I am totally okay with. I feel with drinking all this water I am becoming a fish and need to be constantly drinking water to survive. It’s craziness.

Anywho, time for a weekend recap.


Work out- Ran 1.5 miles, Elliptical for 10 minutes, and did Shoulder Strength Training which was rough! I can usually lift pretty heavy but my shoulders are apparently my weekness! By the end of the session I was down to using 3 pound weights to finish it off. SO SAD.

Here’s the work out I followed:

The Workout



End of superset; resume normal sets

I went a little easy on the cardio because my legs were still KILLING me from leg day this week. It was intense to say the least and also I didn’t want to over do it since I had the 5k the next morning.

After my workout I enjoyed a Anytime Cinnamon Roll Protein smoothie, practiced some guitar, and then crashed hard core so I would be able to wake up bright and early for the race in the A.M.


I woke up ready to face the day! For some reason I struggle daily to wake up for work but on the weekends when I have fun events planned I am up and running.

For breakfast I made oatmeal with an almond,craisin, and walnut mix sprinkled on top alongside some chocolate coconut water (my new addiction). Needed some carbs in my belly to prepare for this race!




The race day was rather cold and windy which didn’t make for prime race weather but I still did great and had tons of fun!

Us before the race

The expo after the race was awesome and I got lots of goodies and had my body fat measured and they said I was in the lean category. Whoop whoop! Never thought I would hear that. I did good and resisted the free beer, Chick-fil-a and sausage and cheese grits and settled on yummy apple and water. Go me!


My much needed rest day. My legs were still sore and I spent my day cleaning and lounging around outside getting my tan on. It was finally warm enough to venture outside and I certainly took advantage of it.

As for today I made some delicious protein pancakes using Muffin- Top less’s recipe found here.



So good! Also, since I have been adding more running and cardio to my work out routine I decided I would purchase Stridebox to encourage me to make sure I do so!

Stridebox is a gift box for runners that comes with tons of awesome goodies every month delivered right to your door. I encourage you to check it out!

Everyone have a good Monday! : )


Finally Friday!!!!

Not to much time to post on here lately! Saw this and felt it was appropriate and fitting to me these days.

Pinned Image

So my life right now. Speaking of I will be racing in the Azalea Trail Run tomorrow the weather is supposed to be yucky but rain or shine I’m going to be out there so wish me luck!

Thirsty Thirsty

Well thank goodness,

I some how managed to make it through Monday. This weekend was quite a crazy one for me with my friends getting married I was busy pretty much all weekend! I must say it was the best wedding I have been to by far.

Friday, I was recovering from the concert the night before and had to trudge through work then I headed to Downtown Mobile to begin with the wedding festivities. We met at the Hampton Inn for the rehearsal dinner and the food was delicious! I enjoyed a sampling of pecan crusted grouper and a side of green beans and there was no complaints from this girl. The dinner itself was super fun reminiscing on the couples past and the slideshow was the best part looking back at all the crazy adventures everyone had together.

Saturday was another adventure all together. The day started off at a local pub Callaghan’s, where everyone goes to be Irish for the day.

I decided to snag a few drinks in while we were there and tried a new beer called Redd’s a new apple ale and as a fan of cider I had to give it a go and it didn’t disappoint.

The festivities of the day were crazy and I loved to see everyone walk around with the awesome costumes including leprechauns, of course, which is sadly what Mobile is best known for.

Everybody see the leprechaun say YEAHHHHHHHHH

While we were there I decided to get some food in me since I knew we wouldn’t be eating until much later in the night after the wedding. I decided to try out Corned beef and cabbage for the first time so I could feel like a real Irishman(woman?) and it was interesting for sure. Not sure it was something I would eat on the regular.

Later in the day we made it to the Cathedral for the wedding and it was gorgeous!

My first Catholic wedding I was warned it was long with lots of standing and sitting but it was not too bad.After the service we took a bus over to the cruise terminal where the real adventure began! It was the most fun wedding I had ever been to I must say.

Catherine and I at the wedding

For St. Patrick’s day I must say I did a whole lot of nothing. All my Irish energy was spent and I needed a day of rest after all that madness.

Anyways, you may be wondering what the title of this post has to do with anything. I have made a new goal to make myself start drinking a gallon of water a day. A WHOLE GALLON. For a girl who has never been a fan of drinking water it will be a challenge but one day in I have already lost one pound! If that’s the results I get I can do this anytime anyday.


Dirt Road Diaries

So I have been slacking just a tiny bit on updating the blog so I had to make a post and share my AWESOME experience last night. Yesterday after leaving work early I made my way back over the good ol’ Orange Beach for the best concert, of ever. Luke Bryan‘s Dirt Road Diaries tour with headliners Florida Georgia Line and Thompson Square.

When I first got down there I met up with my friend and headed on down to the Compleat Angler, a restaurant located at The Wharf where the concert was being held. Although, we did not eat I would suggest it to any one in the Orange Beach or Daphne area because the food is phenomenal especially if your a fan of Caribbean style meals.

After throwing back a few vodka waters (trying to drink as healthy as I can) we walked on over to enter the concert. Ground level tickets WHOOP WHOOP! I must say it was the most fun at a concert I have had. I have seen Luke twice now and he never disappoints.

The concert began with Florida Georgia Line as the opening act. I didn’t know many of FGL’s songs but I must say they earned a new fan. They were really energetic and got the crowd going and all there songs are really great beach/party songs I would suggest buying their recent cd Here’s to the Good Times.

Florida George Line- Look how close we were!

After them Thompson Square came out and put on another show and kept the crowd going. However, I was apparently too into it because I forgot to take pics.. whoops.

Then came the main main man Luke!!! I was like a giddy school girl when he came out on stage.

I mean just LOOK at that

He was, of course, amazing and I didn’t want it to end. I will most certainly be going to see him again soon.

Although I had a blast I unfortunately did not have time to work out. It kind of made me sad.

That is exactly how I feel but I think I may have to count me jumping up and down like a crazy person for Luke as a work out ; ). On a side not, I signed up for another 5k to do next weekend! Azalea Trail Run. I am excited and I hope I can beat my time from the McGuire’s run. Everyone wish me luck!






Ups and Downs

After this past weekend I knew I had gotten a little off track on the healthy eating. Yesterday when I stepped on the scale the number staring back at me was not what I wanted to see. It made me get down on myself that after weeks in the gym and relatively clean eating I am not dropping weight. Though I have been looking at other blogs and seeing other girls transformations and it is clear that what we are taught about the goal being a small number but what is important is to be fit. I can tell I have been getting stronger and I know there is no reason to stop reaching for my goal. Muscle weighs more than fat and while you may not look like you are leaning out I know that slow progress is progress. So I am no longer going by the scale and neither should you!

Now for today for breakfast I decided made some over night oats with milk and cinnamon and this morning I threw and egg white in their an heated it up. I must say I had not tried it before but had heard many say it was a go to breakfast and turns out it was pretty good and quite filing. Protein packed and held me over til lunch, just what I needed.

For lunch I ate two flounder filets, Brussels sprouts, raw carrots, and green apple slices dipped in yogurt for some sweetness.

Pre-workout I decided to try one if the new protein samples I received in the mail the other day.

About time protein. I had read about it on another bloggers page and decided to try it out. I’m always up for trying new things : ) They have tons of awesome flavors so I went with cinnamon roll and peaches and cream. Today was peaches and cream and it was sadly not my favorite. Maybe if I mixed it with some peaches or yogurt it might help. I have higher hopes for the cinnamon roll!

For my work out I did back and biceps for Week 4 of Jamie Eason’s Livefit program.

Post work out I needed protein but wast feeling another shake so I decided to try out a protein mug cake!

It may not look like much but for it to be healthy and sweet enough for this girl it’s a definite keeper in my recipe book.

Protein Mug Cake

1 scoop chocolate protein
1 tbsp cocoa unsweetened
1 tsp baking powder
1 egg
1 tbsp milk (non-fat)
Salt to taste

Mix the dry ingredients until no clumps and then throw in the milk and egg and mix well. Throw it in the microwave for a minute. Enjoy!

I added coconut and banana for an extra kick. I may try next time with some cool whip and strawberries to satisfy my sweet tooth.