Day 1

I wanted to go ahead and start off posting today. I am not sure exactly how I am going to set this blog up exactly but I will most likely start with posting my day to day activities and food so I can track my progress and show you a little about me.

I will start off with my meal for the day! Sorry I did not have time to snag a pic because I pretty much inhaled my breakfast this morning.

I started off with a Health Nut Smoothie with Soy protein from Tropical Smoothie and I must say it was delish. Yesterday I attempted my first bodypump class, which for those of you who may not know is a mix of weights and cardio, and I must say It did its job because boy am I sore today! Usually I intake a large amount of protein to ease the soreness but I was all out of my powder and my new order has not came in. So I had to break down and go buy a protein smoothie although I forgot to tell them no sugar…so now I got to work extra hard at the gym tonight. Good thing a spinning class is in my future!

For lunch I ended up throwing something together real quick because I didn’t have time at work to do much. Lunch was a salad with lettuce, spinach, tuna, and guacamole.


It doesn’t look like much! But it was very filling and full of protein.

For a snack I ate celery with peanut butter and lucky for me a rep brought some chocolates for everyone to work so I had to have a little bit.

I just CAN’T help it. Sweets are my weakness. One step at a time with my new lifestyle but got to allow yourself some cheats along the way.

For my work out I had planned to attend a spinning class but once I got to the gym and warmed up it was clear that was not going to happen. My legs were pretty close to completely falling off after yesterdays bodypump class so I decided to take it easy and just stick to my current bootcamp plan. I currently am following Jamie Eason’s LiveFit work out program which you can find here. I am only on week two in Phase 1 but I am already seeing results! The workout today went as follows:


I switched it up a bit by adding a few extra ab exercises and included weights with mine to add a little extra strength training in.

For dinner I, yet again, forgot to snap a picture but I will get better at this I promise! I ended up eating two beef patties with a small side of yellow rice.  Then I bummed it around the rest of the night for some much needed rest.


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